North Chickamauga Creek Conservancy



NCCC is a nonprofit organization that is committed to preserving and conserving the watershed and its dependent regions and to educating and engaging the public in the Conservancy’s endeavors.

Encompassing more that 140 square miles of ridgetop, escarpment, and valley floor, the terrain surrounding 32 miles of Creek provides a diverse array of activities, land uses, and societal impacts in an area where raw nature and urban core collide.

World-class kayaking. Endangered species. 70 miles of trail. Massive clear-cuts. Economic diversity. Haphazard development. Recovering fisheries. Legacy mines. Picturesque gorges. Impacted waterways. Expansive parks. 


NCCC is always grateful for extra hands to help staff events, blaze trails, and maintain the hiking trails and public access points

Age Group

14 – 22


Fri Apr 24th 2015 – Sat Oct 1st, 2016

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