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Amani Chattanooga is a distribution branch of the global Fair Trade organization, Amani ya Juu. “Amani ya Juu” means “Peace from Above” in Swahili, and is a sewing and reconciliation program for refugee women throughout Africa..  Amani Chattanooga works to reinvest in our local community, drawing in Chattanoogans through training, volunteer service, mission trips, and creative product design.


Volunteers can help out in numerous areas:

  • Warehouse workdays –renovation projects with Peter our Strategic Growth Coordinator. (3 hours)
  • Tag and shelve new inventory (1-3 hours)
  • Host an Amani sale with Molly Gardner, our Chattanooga Event Planner! It’s easy - she does most of the planning. All you need to do is invite your friends/ family to a party where Amani’s story and products are shared. (3 hours)
  • Modeling/showcasing Amani designs! – Molly Gardner is also our Amani photographer and always needs adventurous models. Photoshoots include anything from glitter and balloons to nature hikes on Stringer’s Ridge. (1 hour)

Volunteer Hours: 1-3 hour blocks as listed above. Preferred for Saturdays but we work according to volunteer needs

Age Group

15 – 18


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