The Mountain Stewards



The purpose of the Mountain Stewards is to encourage the people of Walden’s Ridge to make everyday choices that will enhance the health of the planet and that of their families.  The Mountain Stewards welcome participation by all residents and we communicate largely through social media and email.  


  • Special Events Days- sit at our table at the Recycling Center and help citizens with their recycling, answer questions about what materials are recyclable,  hand out information- two hour shifts ; one of a few Saturdays each year
  • Recycle Challenge Day- again two hour shifts; date to be determined
  • Participate in Sparkle Day in the spring ( if held in 2015); Earth Day
  • Litter clean up
  • Acting as an advocate within the high schools and raising awareness

Age Group

14 – 18


Wed Apr 22nd – Wed Apr 22nd, 2015

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